The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills

State Mill Rosters

The Mill Lists are now available as individual states and we’re pleased to report that an electronic copy (PDFs) of up to five (5) states at a time can be transmitted to members and non-members of SPOOM via email as a free public service and may be ordered from the Mill List Coordinator.

For members, your complete SPOOM membership number found on the mailing label on the Old Mill News and address are required for auditing and accounting purposes. For non-members, only your mailing address is required.

The Mill Lists are based on information provided by SPOOM members and non-members alike. Please notify the Mill List Coordinator if you are aware of any changes that need to be noted.

Printed lists and CD/DVDs are also available for a small fee for printing costs. Call or email Mill List Coordinator for prices.

Mill List Coordinator:

Bob McLaughliln
350 Richner Hollow Rd.
Howard, PA 16841