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Help With an Old Mill
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I am not the one who made the original post, but I have a 30" Meadows Stone Burr Mill that needs sharpening. We are in Tallahassee, FL. The person who used to do it is deceased and did not teach anyone when he was still here. The last time it was sharpened, I actually took the mill to North Carolina and I'm trying not to have to do that again. We have people here who would be capable of learning how to do this if someone could come show them the ins and outs this one time. I do not currently have tools but could possibly purchase some if needed. Open to ideas and/or solutions. Thanks much!

I don't know that I can help you on this, if you still need help since you posted this 2 years ago! Shows how much I get on here. I am in SC though and am curious about where the mill is from.

Message from the website contact page - From: Scott Jenkins (

I have an old mill that my ancestors purchased in 1830 in South Carolina. It is in need of restoration and re assembly. Can you recommend someone in the south that could assist with this? I am in Mississippi.
Thank you
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