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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Established in 1812 and ran continuously until a year ago when a storm broke the dam and destroyed the mill house.
House's Mill Ruins
9 photos - updated 9/13/2019
I have not found any information on this mill yet but am still looking, it has two turbines and two stone sets.
Warren's Mill south of Newton Grove North Carolina
19 photos - updated 9/13/2019
Old Mill located on the Little River near Wendell North Carolina
Tarpey's Mill Site near Wendell, NC-051-014
31 photos - updated 8/28/2019
This mill was built in the mid to late 1800's. It is on private land, fenced and posted so the only pictures I could get were what can be seen from the road.
Dickey Mill near Mebane, NC-001-019
5 photos - updated 8/24/2019
Built in 1890 by George Thompson, The dam is gone but the mill building is in pretty fair shape.
Thompsons Mill near Graham, NC-001-006
12 photos - updated 8/24/2019
Built in 1751 by Simone Dixon, General Cornwallis' troops camped here while fleeing from Greene's army during the Revolutionary War, Several of his wounded died here and are buried nearby.
Ruins of Old Dixon's Mill near Snow Camp North Carolina
17 photos - updated 8/24/2019
Built in 1757 by Alexander Mebane, supplied the Colonial Army during the Revolutionary War.
Cooks Mill near Mebane, NC-001-014
13 photos - updated 8/24/2019
There isn't much left here.
Wylies Mill Site in Virginia
2 photos - updated 8/14/2019
I always seem to get to these when they are closed so I don't get to go inside.
Woodsons Mill, VA-062-009
4 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Very old mill site.
Whittles Mill Site north of South Hill, VA-058-003
12 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Operating mill, was closed when I got there so no inside pictures.
Wades Mill just off of I-81, VA-079-011
6 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Another old mill dam, mill building has been gone for decades.
Taylors Mill Pond near Zebulon, NC-064-004
4 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Only the dam remains of the mill, the county has taken it over as a park, very nice cypress tree pond.
Robertsons Mill Pond near Rolesville North Carolina
3 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Intact old dam, no information available on the name of the mill. Dam is the only thing left here.
Mill Dam near Riley Hill North Carolina
2 photos - updated 8/14/2019
This one will most likely not be here for long, a couple more floods and it will be gone. This is near the home of Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith Show.
Pickett's Mill south of Siler City North Carolina
14 photos - updated 8/14/2019
The dam has been washed out several times over the years, the old mill house washed away in a flood several years ago. Dam has not been properly repaired, will probably wash away again.
Perry's Mill Pond near Zebulon, NC-035-002
5 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Old mill house and pond, on posted private property, over grown area makes it hard to get pictures.
Waters Mill in eastern North Carolina
2 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Noticed the stones as I was driving by and stopped to find an old mill site.
Mill Dam on Nansemond Road near Louisburg North Carolina
3 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Just the dam left here.
An Old Mill Dam in Happy Valley North Carolina
2 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Mill building is gone, water wheel just sits there off of it's bearing pylons.
Old Grey's Mill near Louisburg North Carolina
9 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Nice old forging mill on private fenced property in the mountains of western Virginia.
Forging Mill and Furnace in mountains in western Virginia
12 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Old mill site in North Carolina about to be swallowed up by a subdivision. In a while people will not even know it was an old mill.
Old Dukes Mill near Zebulon, NC-092-006
6 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Not much left here but the old dam. So many of the old dams are going away due to flooding so I photograph them too.
Old Mill in Nash County North Carolina
4 photos - updated 8/14/2019
his is on private property but the owner was kind enough to let me take the pictures.
Murrays Mill between Zebulon and Rocky Mount, NC-064-003
8 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Not much left to see on this one.
Moffitt Mill Remnants, south of Siler City NC
6 photos - updated 8/14/2019
Old mill in Portersville Pennsylvania, owned by the state and is being restored. here is a covered bridge with this mill also. Built in 1868.
McConnells Mill and Covered Bridge, PA-037-001
46 photos - updated 8/14/2019
This is an operating mill but it is not powered by the water wheel anymore.
Old Mill at Gulliford, NC-041-001
22 photos - updated 8/14/2019
The dam broke during one of our storms and nearly wiped out the mill house, this is on private property and not likely to be repaired.
Old Boney Mill near Wallace, NC-031-001
3 photos - updated 8/13/2019
Mill buildings are all gone, the dam is intact but looks like it may not be for much longer. Stone work appears to date to the 1700's.
Old Gooch's Mill west of Oxford North Carolina
9 photos - updated 8/12/2019
The Lost Dam and Pumping Station in the Eno River State Park north of Durham North Carolina. About a mile and a half hike through the woods This was built in 1887 and used as a water supply for Durham
Lost Dam and Pumping Station
48 photos - updated 8/12/2019