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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
Site of the old Stotts Mill near Wendell North Carolina, not much left of this one but enough to know what was there.
Storts Mill Site near Wendell, NC
4 photos - updated 5/13/2019
Originally part of the Mial Plantation in Shotwell North Carolina, The original mill was built in the late 1700's to the very early 1800's as it and the plantation changed owners in 1812.
Lake Myra Mill Pond, Shotwell, NC-092-001
7 photos - updated 5/13/2019
Mill is still operated in the old mill building but is run by electricity today. The dam is about 1/4 mile upstream with the original dam being about 1/2 mile upstream.
Old Gilliford Mill just outside of Oak Ridge, NC-041-001
22 photos - updated 5/13/2019
Very nice old mill right on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway, VA-031-006
10 photos - updated 5/13/2019
Now called Lake Wendell this is the site of an old mill who's name is lost to time.
Lake Wendell on Lake Wendell Rd. Wendell, NC-051-014
5 photos - updated 5/13/2019
1800's mill not many years left in this one. It is unique because the water went through the center of the mill building.
Maxwell Mill in Duplin County, NC-031-002
4 photos - updated 5/10/2019
Very long dam built originally in the late 1700's, ran a gristmill and later a saw mill was added, there was a store and an entire community built here with the mill.
Mitchell Mill Dam near Rolesville, NC-092-007
12 photos - updated 5/10/2019
Nice old mill site with a very long  race that ran to the original water wheel and a take off from it to a turbine tower.
Hoffman Mill south of Greensboro, NC-
35 photos - updated 5/10/2019
Very nice peaceful setting. This mill is on private property but the owner does allow visitors.
Hammes Mill near Warrenton, NC-093-001
42 photos - updated 5/10/2019
The name is being with held for the privacy of the owners who were kind enough to let me photograph it. It's very hard to find as the road past it was moved years ago and it is now in the woods nearby
26 photos - updated 5/10/2019
Hackneys Mill in Siler City, NC-019-003
7 photos - updated 5/10/2019
Ran across this one while driving in eastern North Carolina. Not much left except the dam.
Green Mill Pond, NC-
12 photos - updated 5/10/2019
Textile mill with it's own store, bank and town. Turbines generated DC electricity used with variable resistors to control the speed of the machinery in the mill.
Enterprise Mill in Enterprise, NC-
12 photos - updated 5/10/2019
Fully restored mill used as part of the city park system.
West Point Mill on the Eno River, Durham, NC-032-002
19 photos - updated 5/10/2019
Just the dam remains here, this is in a quit rural area and a little difficult to find.
Dixons Mill, east of South Hill Virginia, VA-
13 photos - updated 5/10/2019
Sometimes you have to look real hard to know there was a mill in what appears to be a pile of rocks.
Collins Mill near Louisburg NC, NC-068-002
7 photos - updated 5/5/2019
This one has a large containment pond that feeds a smaller pond, the mill and small pone are located slightly down stream from the large pond where they could get a good drop on the water.
Clifton Mill near Louisburg NC, NC-035-008
13 photos - updated 5/5/2019
Nice old mill on private land. The owners use it for private parties and get togethers. There is a cemetery near the mill where many people are buried that died from malaria brought on by the building
Cattail Mill near Archer Lodge, NC, NC-051-001
3 photos - updated 5/5/2019
The old mill is intact but slightly damaged from a storm a couple of years ago. There is a new mill that is still in use but it is a modern mill run by electricity.
Atkinsons Mill near Archer Lodge, NC, NC-051-002
3 photos - updated 5/5/2019
Nice old mill in the country in western Virginia.
Brightwells Mill in Virginia, VA-005-002
56 photos - updated 5/5/2019
Located off of I81 in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.
Brennaman Turner Mill in Virginia, VA-080-011
8 photos - updated 5/5/2019
Mill is gone and the dam has been rebuilt from concrete. But it is a historic site.
Boons Mill Pond near LaGrange, NC, NC-
4 photos - updated 5/5/2019
Mill sit in the town of Trenton North Carolina and is used as a public park.
Brock Mill in Trenton, NC, NC-050-001
13 photos - updated 5/5/2019
No pond left, dam is unrecognizable and the old mill house is falling in. This is on private property and inaccessible for close pictures.
Old Boney Mill House, NC, NC-031-001
3 photos - updated 5/5/2019
Some of these old mills are almost completely gone. If you did not know what you were looking at you would miss them completely. This one is almost unrecognizable as a mill pond.
Barrows Mill in NC, NC-
8 photos - updated 5/5/2019
Mill is intact but closed to the public, fishing is allowed in the old mill pond though.
Boddie Mill near Spring Hope, NC, NC-064-002
8 photos - updated 5/5/2019
Nice old mill in the rural countryside. Very peaceful place.
Jacksons Mill between Centerville & Louisburg, NC-035-007
31 photos - updated 5/4/2019
Very nice restored mill but privately owned and posted.The owner is supposed to call me about entry to photograph the interior.
Laurel Mill near Centerville, NC, NC-035-001
11 photos - updated 5/4/2019
No Mill left but another nice old dam. Difficult to access though. Lots of underbrush.
Maybry Mill north of Henderson, NC, NC-091-004
16 photos - updated 5/4/2019
Mill is gone but it is a very nice old dam and is still in use as part of the local water supply
Old Rock Mill near Henderson, NC, NC-091-005
13 photos - updated 5/4/2019