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SPOOM Grant Program - Application Information

The SPOOM Grant Program funds small, mill related projects that support the
preservation and interpretation of historic mills and mill related research that furthers
knowledge of mills and milling.

Applications will be considered from non-profit organizations for small restoration
and repair projects, documentation of mills, research, publications, and interpretive materials.
Applications will be considered from individuals only for research projects. Applications are
encouraged for projects requiring matching funds for public and private programs. Applicants
must be SPOOM members in good standing. SPOOM grants are 50-50 matching grants.
Application Process: Applications can be found at and should be submitted
with all supporting information by August 1, 2023. Fill out the application completely providing
descriptions of the project and mill, photographs, and a project budget. Submit the application
and supporting materials to the SPOOM Website as indicated at the end of the application

The number and amount of grants funded is dependent on the funds available,
number of applicants, and quality of applications. Awards typically do not exceed $3,000.
Awards will be announced in October 2023. That portion of the project funded by SPOOM
must then be completed within a one-year time frame; in other words, no later than
September 2024. Recipients will be reimbursed for the awarded grant amount after SPOOM
receives a final report, dated proof of payment, project photographs or a copy of written
materials. Recipients will also be asked to contribute an article on their projects for publication
in Old Mill News.

Questions relating to the SPOOM Grant Program may be directed to John Lovett at or (931) 469-7161.
Thank you for your interest.

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