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Message from the website contact page - From: Ingrid Norris ( 

Anderson Mill in Spartanburg, SC is preparing for restoration.
I would like to present a program about grist mills (corn in particular)
to elementary grade students, especially Anderson Mill Elementary named for the mill.

Do you know of any existing supplemental curriculum that addresses grist mills and activities
to engage students?

I found a high school unit, The Mill River Water Unit, two middle grade units by Theodore Hazen and
one elementary grade unit by Theodor Hazen.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Ingrid Norris Outreach Coordinator

From: mark shuda ( 

I am interested to find a machine to hull buckwheat.
I am a small farmer looking to plant specialty crops like buckwheat, emmer,barley etc and
cannot find a practical way to hull these crops. any suggestions?


FOR SALE:   Wolf Company Wheat Scourer w/ Cleaning Shoe             PHOTOS    

The manufacturer is Wolf Company, Chambersburg PA, est. 1879. The machine sits in our home (the Riverdale Mill) which is on the National Historic Register. It is in good shape, just a little dusty.

I'd like to sell it to someone who will care for it and hopefully use it to educate others and share its history. It is located in Knoxville, TN, and is extremely heavy. You'd probably need 3 or 4 people to move it safely. 


$700 OBO

For offers and more info please email


Bolting Screen

Message from the website contact page - From: William Jones (

I live in Akron Ohio. Where can I buy #30 bolting screen??


Message from the website contact page - From: Donald Vogt ( 

Good morning... I am a new member, and I am curious to know if you have a forum or other means for me
to explore milling questions with folks in your organization who have knowledge of milling equipment,
processes, and construction.
I am conducting research on my family's grist mill that stood on the Shenandoah River for nearly 200 years.
It was among the first mills ever to be built in the Shenandoah Valley, and it is rich in both family and
valley history. The mill has been gone for nearly 50 years, and all my relatives who could have answered
all my questions have also passed. I am now trying to recreate the history, including the processes and
operations that would have been deployed over the 200-year span the mill operated. Three mills stood on
the same location. The original was burned in the Civil War; the second was destroyed by a flood in 1870,
and the third stood until 1973 when it was torn down, I have many records from the milling operations,
but they are just small pieces in a large puzzle. I am hoping to find and communicate with folks who have
extensive knowledge of grist milling operations starting with Oliver Evans around Revolutionary War times;
post-civil war era milling; and turn-of-the century industrialization.

Thank you Donald Vogt 443-306-8122


Grist Mill for sale

Message from the website contact page - From: Henry Burggraf ( 

I would like to sell an old grist mill located on our property in Hancock County, TN.
It was built in the 1890s (I was told). It is three stories high and has all the old
Tyler-Savage equipment in it and grinding stone. Has an overshoot, metal Fitz wheel.


Tractor Powered Buhr Stone Mill for Sale

Message from the website contact page - From: Jacob Arthur ( 

Greetings, I'm helping Blue Oven Bakery sell a tractor powered working condition Buhr-Stone Mill.

I'm hoping you have ideas as to whether it's worth placing on your classifieds page.
Let me know what I need to send your way.



Resources for historical research?
Message from the website contact page - From: Christine Seel ( 

Hi, I think we have the ruins of a tub mill or a swedes mill on our property.
I think it might predate the "recorded" history of our township, which seems to begin with the arrival of Welsh settlers.
I am trying to find pictures of the typical layout or dimensions of such an early mill.
The property is along a stream which borders the Schuylkill River upriver from Philadelphia.

Do you know of a good source for such information? Thank you!


Balls Mills PA cider mill
Message from the website contact page - From: Art Dean ( 

Hello About 30 years ago I purchased the Balls Mills PA cider mill from a Robert (Robby) Brucklacher.
I am now planning to finish the restoration and operate as a display.
I am in need of any available information as to date of manufacture, company name of builder, all owners,
Brucklacher family history, and if any surviving members of Robert's family.
Unfortunately I did not get any information from Robert when I purchased the equipment.
I do remember there was another operating cider press of the same make and age operating in PA at that time.
I have been in touch with the Cogan Station PA Historical Society who know of the press and apparently have
an item connected to it.

Any information you might offer would be greatly appreciated.
PS- I am a subscriber to SPOOM
Regards Art Dean


Needing help to set up a new, old-fashion Mill site
Message from the website contact page - From: Justin Rohner ( 
To whom it may concern, I’m in the process of designing and building a gristmill
for a botanical garden in Queen Creek Arizona.
Looking for a Miller that might be able to help us set it up!
We will have up to 1000 gallons per minute in Flow on a 14 foot wheel.


Have acquired an old grain mill. Built in the 1800s and has a good amount of machines and equipment. 5000 sq ft commercial mill. I would like to keep a few things for the building but just about all the equipment will go. Would also appreciate leads to someone that can appraise and/or sell it. Would also consider donating to museum etc. Everything located outside Bedford Pa. Can deliver for a good price.

Zach Sabo



Message from the website contact page - From: Lori Twiss ( 
Greetings, I was just given your information as a possible place to sell a sleighmill. 
I am currently the executor of the property.
My folks liked there for 32 years and ran an antique shop specializing in 19th and early 20th century lighting. 
The equipment and several patterns, harness and shaft hardware used still remain on the lower floor. 
As the use of cars became more popular they did work on them, and produced toys and towel racks to mention a few. 
Some of those product pieces remain as well. The upstairs where the sleighs were painted and varnished 
have been turned into living quarters while still preserving the brush cleaning mark, 
written paint recipes on the wall, bills, and records of snow storms. 
The sleighmill was built, owned and run by the Snow family. It is located on Snowville Rd in Snowvill NH. 
It is currently on the market with a local agency, here's a link to the their ad. 
If able to post on yor site any information would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank You Sincerely Lori Twiss 
More Info


I am appraising a famous/historic working gristmill property. The property currently operates as an undershot gristmill, and includes a gift shop/restaurant building on-site.   The property is located in the south-central U.S., and is somewhat of a historical landmark in the local area.  I am seeking sales transactions or listings of properties that may have some similarities, in an attempt to estimate the value of this property.  Thank you in advance for any insights you might have.   Mill Info



Jordan Karnes

Reed & Associates, Inc.

Real Estate Appraisers-Consultants

3739 N. Steele Blvd., Suite 322

Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703 

479-521-6313ext. 109

Hi to you, I'm trying to find a list of old mill in quebec and nova scotia. 
I would like to vist/photograph and search for historical.
Can you help me find location of old mill in those 2 provinces.
Thanks for your help. Pierre

Cathi Hartsook (

FOR SALE:  $79,900
FRENCH'S MILL AKA: AUGUSTA Updated: 11/2011 Latitude: 39.29382 Longitude: -78.63675 Type: Grist Mill Powered by: Electric Condition: Operational Location: (L 5) In AUGUSTA turn off US 50 onto CR 7 (Augusta-Ford Hill Road). Go about one block. Comments: 3 story + basement mill and 2 story feed store with gable roof. c. 1911. Covered with artificial stone siding in good condition, shed extension on the left. In full operation grinding on a hammer mill; two runs of stones grinding cornmeal and buckwheat flour. Specializes in animal feed. Originally steampowered, but now using electricity. Fully operational as both a feed store and Grain/Flour Mill- Two separate buildings-on approx .92 acres Listed For Sale. Huge inventory of personal property to conveyAll equipment conveys- Price to sell at $79,900-

Mill Info More InfoMore Info More Info

Steve Yaw (
I manage a small electric hydro generator in Southwest Lower Michigan which was originally built around the turn of the century.
Currently we have one generator working but there used to be two.
The owner wants the second one converted to a grist mill for school children to come and see.
I'm new to grist mills and reaching out to your organization for any help you could give. I'm looking for parts and tips from those who may have done this before.
I would appreciate anything you could do. Thanks, Steve Yaw

James Boyer 
919 721 3684

I have acquired a large amount of Milling equipment from a mill In Virginia built in 1900. As well as support equipment.

    All items are in Sanford, NC.

Items: line shafts, corn grinding, flower grinding, amonia pumps, generators, many more, etc.

Baskerville Item Sale

Replies and inquiries to Adam Wengryn at 908-812-1003.

Wanted! TIMBER FRAME FOR A MILL. Looking for an old timber frame mill structure to fit (or be fitted to) an existing foundation. The original structure consisted of a timber frame with two shed additions. The additions are not needed as part of the frame; they will be recreated.  The dimensions of the foundation are 30' x 32’ 6”. The replacement mill can be a standing structure to be dissassembled and then relocated, or a frame already disassembled and stored. The siding or the mill wheel/workings are not required. Elevations of the mill that we seek to replace are in the diagram below.

Contact: Joe Penley - Weaverville, NC

Fitz Waterwheel-Hydrolic Engines
Hanover, PA 10' x 2' #21926

Associated gears and pulleys and bearing for remounting. Everything is complete.
Contact: Bob Pavlic 

The following stone and burr grinders are for sale in Bozemen, MT.  Note: all grinders are in excellent running condition, complete with drive belts.

(1985) Nordyke & Mormon - 14" Stone Grinding Mill

Feed/Burr grinders:
#4 Stover
8" & 10" McCormick-Deering (1906-1934)

Kelly Duplex #1 Burr Mill - 6" Cutter Plates + bagger (1917)

Would like to find a good home for my collection.