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Logging In


Every primary and secondary member has his or her own account in ClubExpress. When a website is first displayed, the Member Login link allows members to login into their accounts with a unique user name and password and to access member-only features. Members who forget their password can enter their email address and first name into a special dialog, allowing the system to generate and send them a temporary username and password.


Clicking the Member Login link (Upper Right) displays the following screen:

Login Screen

Enter your user name and password and click the Login button. Click Cancel to return to the home page.

If you check the
Remember Me option, the system will store a cookie on your computer that allows you to login without having to enter your user name and password each time. This cookie is secure; it does not contain your actual user name and password. But you should only select this option on a computer that you control, so that others cannot log in as if they were you.

To cancel the Remember Me option, once you have logged in, click the Profile – Username/Password link. Re-enter your password, then uncheck the option and save.

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